The Youth Ministry Department at Sacred Heart is made of Young Adults ages 19-35 and adults ages 36 and up, who act as the advisory council of the youth of the parish. Our purpose is to coordinate all youth activities, and oversee all youth ministries in the parish. As advisors, our focus is to instill in our children, the importance of keeping God as the center of their lives. We must continue to teach our young people how important it is they remain dedicated to their faith. We not only have fun activities but also activities to enrich their faith, which is very essential at this age in their lives.

We as youth advisors also focus on education. We encourage them to do their best in their academic studies. The must understand that with God and dedication to their education, they will accomplish any and all they aspire. As youth advisors, we also act as mentors, being there to assist them with their academic studies. We are here to let our young people know how important both their faith and education are to be successful in life.

We thank you for your assistance with our youth. We ask that you continue to work with us in enriching the faith of our young people, and also continuing their walk with God. We ask your continued prayers and support of our efforts with the children of our parish.

Contact person is Sheresse Conner