Parish Finance Council

Canon 537 states, "In each parish there is to be a finance committee to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish, without prejudice to canon 532. It is ruled by the universal law and by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop, and it is comprised of members of the faithful selected according to these norms."

The role of the Parish Finance Committee, which is also known as the Parish Finance Council, is consultative. Canon 532 has stated that, "In all juridical matters, the parish priest acts in the person of the parish, in accordance with the law…" Our Finance Council works very closely with our Pastor in financial matters affecting our parish.

The members meet with the Pastor as often as needs arise. Among other things, with the Pastor they prepare the parish annual budget and evaluate its application as the fiscal year progresses. They prepare quarterly financial reports for the parish. They perform the "Self Evaluation" required by the Diocese to see how effectively the parish applies herself to the Diocesan Financial Policies. The policies are developed for the safety of the parish money and the integrity of all those who handle the parish money.


There are 7 appointed members:

Herbert James, Jr. (Chairman)

Margaret Jones 

Sharon Adams

Geraldine Ratcliff

Judge Donald Floyd

Berlinda Mouton