Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Our Parish is a Community of faith and love whose life and mission centers around the Eucharistic and liturgical celebrations. We gather as a family each day and every weekend for lively liturgical celebrations with great love and devotion. Our choirs are good. Ours is a vibrant worshipping Community. Our parishioners are very active, warm and friendly. Moreover, Sacred Heart is a welcoming parish community where every member including visitors feels at home with one another. Definitely, we are a people who care for each other and also reach out to the community and people in need. Therefore, I invite you to come and experience love and fellowship at Sacred Heart Church and participate in our parish life and events which will certainly enrich you with joy. 

Rev. Fr. Anthony Afangide, MSP


Eucharistic Celebration


Saturday Vigil: 4:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM


The 1st Friday of the month
at 6:00 PM. The morning Mass
is cancelled on this day


Tuesday: 6:00 PM
Wednesday-Friday: 7:00 AM

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday and Sunday
Thirty minutes before each Mass
or by Appointment

Holy Days of Obligation

7:00 AM & 6:00 PM

Weekly Bulletin